To change
the way we move
Did you know that today megacities occupy only 2% of the Earth's surface and generate around 75% of the world's carbon emissions? Transport accounts for a quarter of total CO2 emissions in European cities, and most of it around 80%- is caused only by private vehicles. This needs to change. We believe collective empathy is the path.
In 2020 Barcelona city was elected European capital of sustainable mobility. This means that it will receive 500 million euros of investment, for a 7-year development project.
This is our opportunity: change starts in Barcelona.
EmPath is a sustainable mobility platform on a mission to provide conscious information for clean urban travel. Our challenge is to reduce CO2 emissions at both a personal and community level, to change the way we move. ​​​​​​​
Collective empathy
The brand strategy is focused on the value of collective empathy, with conscious information, optimism, and detoxification as the key strategic pillars. The purpose was not only to design a product, but to promote a powerful community, a creative movement, and a joint action. 
The art direction is based on the idea of "crossroads", exploring the juxtaposition of visual elements around the shape of the circle as meeting points across the city.
To move from word to action
We developed a 360 brand experience including naming, tone of voice, logotype, app design and development, street campaign, a collaborative meeting place, an event, and even bicycles and electric cars. A broad experience to move from word to action and to make cleaner urban travel possible.
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