The French recipe
with ancestral ingredients
Théo and Florent contacted us to work on the design of the labels for their new drinks.  A new type of beverage not seen in the usual market: 100% natural, infused with ancestral plants and Made in France.

The development of the visual identity from scratch was done around the concept of "Simples", plants grown by their ancestors in the past in gardens and monasteries for their therapeutic and aromatic virtues.

An art direction focused on the roots of the brand.

The art direction was based on the concept of "origin". We explored the visual universe of the first botanical illustrations, which recorded and classified each type of plant in detail. We relied on visual elements from the early days of the original Druids: monasteries, vitreaux, ornate frames, chalices, potions and magic recipes. We work generating illustrations by hand, pursuing the "imperfect stroke", organic, human. We build exclusive scenarios for each of the potions (types of drinks), with a striking baroque style, to distinguish ourselves in a market where visual communication tends to minimalism and photography.

Our original contribution 

The result we obtained could not have better represented the idea that made us agree from the beginning: the author's work, linked to the work of art as a unique and unrepeatable creation. Both in the recipe of the drink and in the label that represents it.


1.5 M turnover after 4 years
France's best known infusion drink brand.
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